Blast Zone Great White Water Slide Review With Pictures

By | March 8, 2014

Blast Zone Great White Water Slide by Blast ZoneMetallic or plastic slides have been in use for in various occasions as kids slide toys. Even though the slides are painted, they adopt the environmental temperature fast. When it is hot in the summer, the equipment will be too hot for children to slide on it. That is why many people prefer the Blast Zone Great White Water Slide by Blast Zone which is made of inflated PVC plastic. It is not just safe but fun to play on and kids enjoyed it especially because of the fact that you can add water to it, which in the summer hot days is a great thing.

Product Description/Features

The White Water Slide by Blast Zone is a sizable equipment. The toy has inflated dimensions measuring 252 inches by 72 inches by 84 inches and weighs 50 pounds. When folded, it will occupy the same volume as a sleeping bag. The maximum recommended weight usage of the slide is 100lbs. The design allows the children to climb safely up the highest point and slide down. It has buffers on its sides preventing kids from harm. The minimum recommended age for children using this slide is 3 years there is not maximum age, however you should keep in mind the maximum weight and also the fact that older kids might find it not so fun. This outdoor toy comes in colorful inflatable commercial-grade PVC made for ultimate strength and durability.

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Blast Zone Great White Water Slide by Blast Zone 2The toy requires an adult to assemble it and it comes with stability stakes that should be well installed to prevent it from collapsing. No battery is required however, after use it should be cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth while still inflated. To ensure that it remains firm in place, it has reinforced x-weaves in stress areas. This increases its longevity and makes it safer. Remember, this is a slide that will be used outdoors and no inside. It is for this reason that the toughness of the material has to be of serious consideration.

The water slide is designed to offer a 5-foot drop into the water and can accommodate two kids at once. Nevertheless, it is designed in such a way that it does not involve the kids climbing steep heights. Moreover, there are  safety nets enclosing the back, top and rear platforms making it safe and easy to climb. The slide can be inflated in all seasons because it is resilient to extreme conditions. This can be done in less than 2 minutes with the help of an inflatable unit.

Other accessories include an UL approved blower, a carrying case and stakes for the blower and bouncer.


Blast Zone Great White Water Slide by Blast Zone 11. The slide is an all climate one that can be easily transported to various venues. For this reason, you can use it in the summer as well as in spring/autumn as it has no problems in any weather condition because the material used is resistant to extreme weather conditions.

2. It has  safety measures such as nets to provide the children’s safety when using the slide. The structure is designed for young kids and thus has nets in the places that might be considered dangerous and avoids steep climbing thus making it safe. Moreover, the toy has buffers when inflated at every point that may pose danger.

3. The product is made from durable materials that is expected too last long if used with a little care and as the instructions point out.

4. It has an appealing look, has been liked by children and provides more fun by offering comfort.

5. The Water Slide is easy to climb for children and has sufficient space at the top.

6. It has an entertaining shark teeth design with sprinklers that make the gaming interesting for the small kids,  they love to play all day long here and you’ll have a hard time getting them off.

7. The inflating time is low, the kit comes with a blower which is perfect for inflating (and it can also be used to deflate it) and can be used dry or wet. These aspects make the kit versatile in application and can be easily used in various areas.


1. The kit takes time to dry out – as it normally is with slides like this you will need for it to be dry before being able to re-pack it. Because of this, some argue that it beats the purpose of taking the product to remote locations whereby you will find yourself in a situation that requires you to wait for the kit to dry before you travel back.

2. Retuning it back to its case can proves to be a challenge. The process of folding the Blast Zone Great White Water Slide so that it fits its kit requires a specific way of folding otherwise the kit will pose a challenge, you will need to follow the instruction to fold it in the correct way if you want for this to go smooth.

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Product performance

Blast Zone Great White Water Slide by Blast Zone 4The role of a slide is to allow the kids to go to a greater height and slide down with fun. In most cases the slide would be useful in a party either a birthday party or any other form of party that involves kids. Kids should play with minimum supervision. Moreover, the party can be held anywhere not necessarily within a stipulated place. The slide can accommodate two kids at the same time and this is good at it matches the requirement for a party toy to accommodate more than one kids at a go. Moreover, the fact that the slide is safe implies that little supervision from the parents is needed. Lastly its ability to be easily transported and used in different locations is definitely a good thing.

Customers review

Most of the customers who purchased the kit commended the toy for its durability and toughness. The ease of installment and the fact that it was safe were the main attributes noted to be positive aspects. The slide is fun for the children and is easy to carry around. Most adults found the kit appropriate because it was colourful and an interesting toy by design making their kids excited about it. “It always kept my kids distracted such that I would not worry about them doing dangerous things in the party,” one of the customers comments reads. However, there were notable negative reviews. The kit produced bubbles under the fabric of the slide in some cases. This was an indicator of a perforated cover fabric – this may happen sometimes with inflatable devices and you will have to be careful with yours. Another review relayed focus on the toughness of the material or the possibility of the stiches leaving holes at the stich points. Other negative comments over the slide was the fact that it is difficult to pack back after a fun day – but if they didn’t follow the instructions that was bound to happen. Getting the slide to fit back to its case is one of the challenges that the adults may face at first, but with repeated use this too will be overcome

Summary Remarks

Blast Zone Great White Water Slide by Blast Zone 3This concludes our Blast Zone Great White Water Slide Review, as you saw from the above it is a sturdy water slide, appealing to kids and a great toy to have in the hot summer days. If you want the kids in the party to enjoy their time, there is nothing better than a kit that the kids like and is safe yet thrilling to them. This is what the blast zone Water Slide offers.

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Still not convinced? See what other people are saying about it :

I Ordered this for our church  annual  4th of July barbecue and fellowship. I am pleased to say that it kept the kids of all ages really happy and cool and wet and busy until the later firework show.

We purchased this exact slide for my daughter’s fourth birthday party. She played with it and her friends several times before using it at the party and I have to say that they enjoyed every second of it. At the party we had 6 children playing on the slide and in the pool all  at the same time and the slide performed beautifully. One of the things I like about  it is that it can be used with or without water. I am really happy with this investment and I know my daughter is delighted as well

Despite the reviews I read before I got it, it’s very easy to set up and take down. A Quality product, more than I expected. I am very pleased with the net in back for my 2 and 4 year old, I can go about my day and know they are safe.

Not giving it a 5 star because in ours after 3 uses and a lot of fun the stitches at the end of the pool came out. I must admit that if I used this for 6 year olds and under it would have been fun and we’d still have it, but when they saw it, our 8 to 10 year olds didn’t want to get off and kept  sliding down and crashing at the end of the pool ….this got it in the end

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