How to Repair / Fix a Torn Inflatable Water Slide

By | January 24, 2014

Ok, so your made a little hole in your slide and want to fix it fast with no hassle and without returning the product. Don’t worry it’s not that hard to fix it on your own, you can patch the slide quite easily, most of the times when you bought it you also received a patch that you can use for this, if not read on and we’ll tell you all about it. Just so you know tear aid patches are quite cheap so you can do this with little effort and very little money spent. We’ll also show you some of the cheapest tear-aid patches available.

Let’s take it step by step for an easier understanding:

Tear Aid 31. Determine where the hole is. If you’ve noticed that the slide is loosing air but don’t see the tear right away it might be a good thing, meaning it’s a small hole and can be patched up easy and with a high degree of success. On the other hand if it’s just a small hole it could be hard to spot. In order to do this just spray the whole thing with soapy water and then inflate the slide as usual. Now take a closer look where you see bubbles forming, that’s your tear in the fabric.

Tear Aid 42. Now, you must make sure that the area around the hole is dry before proceeding as it needs to be without any trace of water in order for the patch to be applied correctly. In order to spot the hole easier when you’re working on it at this point after drying the place you can mark it with by placing a few strips of masking tape all around it, 4 will generally suffice – you can make a small square out of them.

Tear Aid Patch3. Now that everything is set up your next step is to sew the hole by using a needle and a thread. Make sure the thread is strong and you sew as close together as you can. You should have these in your house, if not you can buy them at a local store that sells inflatable but before you do make sure you didn’t receive them along with the slide when you bought it, as most vendors do send a repair kit.

Tear Air 14. Here comes the patching time. Prepare the patch before you start, make sure it’s at least half an inch bigger than the tear, you can make it even bigger just to make sure. Take the glue in your hand ( it should be HH-66 glue or something similar if you buy it yourself and you don’t use the one provided by the manufacturer) and spread small amounts of glue around the surface where you made the square. Now apply the patch over the glue and the newly sewn tear.

Tear Aid 25. This final step is the easiest, all you need to do is wait for the glue and patch to dry out, leave them at least 24 hours before trying to inflate the slide again, don’t be anxious. Also don’t leave the slide outside if there is any chance of rain or in a place with high humidity as the patch needs to dry completely and thoroughly and this could disrupt the process.

There you have it, after the glue is dried re-inflate the slide and test it out, if everything was good it should be as good as new now. In case something went wrong and the tear was too big for this kind of patching or something like that you should consider sending it to a professional to be repaired. Depending on the tear they have other methods of fixing it for you.

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Before you go, we have a treat for you. In case you’re more of a visual person, here is the How To Repaid a Torn Inflatable Water Slide Infographic . Easier for you to follow and understand. Let us know which one you like best.

Learn through images how to repair a torn inflatable water slides

Learn through images how to repair a torn inflatable water slides


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