Inflatable Water Slides for Adults

There are a lot of water slides for kids, you can find them on amazon and even in some supermarkets, but how about adults? Are there any serious slides out there that gown people can say wholeheartedly that here’s a toy for me ? Let’s dig this up a little and see what we can find that will amaze even the most skeptic one .

It is true many people would envisage the inflatable water slides  as one which is used to stimulate a child’s fun and pleasure. However, it is not just children and young people who enjoy using products such as these. Many older people also enjoy using inflatable water slides and there are a range of products which specifically target the grown-ups. These products can be used in a large variety of areas, from gardens, to the open ocean and there is a range to suit every size and budget.

tropical slideAirquee for example is a manufacturer that offers a range of these types of products. One such product is the ‘Tropical Slide AQ2471’. At a length of 61.35 feet, a height of 24.47 feet and a weight of 1421.98 pounds, this product guarantees plenty of fun for those who wish to use it. The product comes with a 12 month warranty, as well as all relevant safety certificates, which are mandatory, due to the aspects of safety involved. As described in the name, the product has a tropical style to it, with palm trees and bright colours adorning the chute. Available for individual and wholesale purchase, the item is from a reputable stockist, which prides itself on being Europe’s premier provider of soft-play equipment.

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p13382-karish-slide-aq3138From the same website is a variation of this product, the ‘Whale Slide AQ3138‘ variety, which has a large whale-like structure attached to the top of the chute. Some would argue that the structure in question looks more like a shark, due to the rows of blow up teeth protruding from it’s mouth! Either way, it is a unique design of a chute and one that definitely stands out from others on the website and within the market in general. With a height of 19.02 feet  and a length of 43.96 feet , this chute is considerably smaller than its counterparts on the market, as well as being lighter at 551.15 pounds. This means it is perhaps a more preferable option for individual buyers who want the slide for personal usage and not necessarily for commercial use.

Inflatable-Yacht-Water-Slide-by-Freestyle-Cruiser-1One slide that is definitely for grown-ups and that you won’t forget so easily after you see it is titled the ‘Freestyle Cruiser.’ On first appearances it seems similar to other products on the market and looks much like its counterparts. Constructed with Firmatex to ensure durability and safety, the ‘Freestyle Cruiser’ is unique, in that is specifically designed to be used in tandem with large yachts and other types of vessel. The product is custom made, in order to fit varying sizes and style of boats. Modelling itself as the ‘The Ultimate Water Toy,’ the Freestyle Cruiser is perhaps the crème de la crème of large chutes; a toy for those which have considerable income and those who can afford to spend lavishly on family entertainment. As the product is custom built and made to order, it can only be bought by taking appropriate measurements of the vessel which it is intended to be attached to. It is then designed and manufactured to match these exact measurements. Essentially, it is likely that this product is aimed specifically for those who own their own large vessel. The-Freestyle-Cruiser 2Custom orders mean exactly that and those who choose to purchase can have their product colour matched to their exact specifications, albeit at considerable extra cost. This is a product which screams luxury; a decadent, glamorous play thing for those that don’t count their finances as being one of life’s worries. This product is enough to give a recession savvy individual a melt down. Not something that is likely to be on your partner’s Christmas list, this is high end, top of the range entertainment for adults with money to burn, and lots of it.

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So why buy a slide of this kind? And more importantly, who is buying water slides such as these? People who run traveling fun fairs or events may need to purchase products like these. It may be more practical and cost effective to buy one of these products outright, if the purpose is to have one for making profit. Water parks also require to purchase these kind of slides, although it is likely done on a wholesale basis, in order to drive expenditure down and profits up. There is also the possibility that individuals may want to purchase a chute, for the purpose of a one off event or family occasion. Although at considerable cost, it may be for an upcoming event which is of sentimental value to a family and for that reason, people might not have a problem parting with their hard earned cash for something which many of us may struggle to find repeated uses for.

inflatable water slides hazardsDespite being manufactured for consistent usage, these types of chutes are not without their hazards. Certain groups of people should avoid use, such as pregnant woman, people with heart conditions and even those who cannot swim and are unsure of the water. Individual buyers should also bear in mind that unlike traditional water parks, which are manned by lifeguards and other safety personnel, purchasing these products does not include these added safety measures! The responsibility lies solely with those who purchase the product and it is therefore advisable that people who intend to buy these kind of chutes, pay attention to the safety instructions which are included in their purchase, as this can mean make all the difference in situations where there is potential danger. It would also be advisable for those who intend to purchase products of this type, to have some knowledge of first aid procedures, in the event that an emergency takes place. Generally speaking, it is better to be safe than sorry. And believe me, at the size that some of these babies have there will be speed, and lots of it, there will be banging, there will be huge splashes of water and of course, also a lot of fun.

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Overall, there are still a large number of grown-ups who enjoy using inflatable water slides like these recreationally, whether at home or abroad and there is evidenced in the large variety which is currently available on the market. It seems that this type of fun is not restricted to children and that people of all ages can continue to use these types of products for fun, whether it is in a large scale, commercial environment, or in the comfort of their own back garden.

share your storyWhat about you, did you ever use a great water slide like the ones above, anything worth mentioning? If you did and want to share the experience just send us a message and let us know how it was for you and if you want to do it some more. Also, if you have pictures send them over and we’ll add them to the site.