Intex 57469EP Surf ‘N Slide Review and Pictures

By | February 21, 2014

Here are the highlights of this review in a little video, in case you’re in a hurry you can just see the essentials.

And here’s the full review where you can read more about the features, pros and cons and what other people said about this slide ! Enjoy 😉

Intex 57469EP Surf 'N SlideThe Intex 57469EP Surf ‘N Slide inflatable slide is a great toy for all children. Many kids love using it when they are playing their favorite outdoor activities. It is made from durable materials, so it can stay up for long periods of time. This unit offers a lot of benefits for all users and most customers are satisfied with the quality of this product. This is not to say that other people don’t prefer other more complex slides.


1. Big enough for kids to play around in

This inflatable slide is appropriate for many children to play around with their friends. Its dimension is 160 x 66 x 64 inches. Because of the generous dimension, it usually is used for outdoor purposes, unless you have a huge living room :). A garden is ideal to use this slide, you can also take it with you at different events.

Intex 57469EP Surf 'N Slide Img 42. Safe toy

It is safe for all children to use. However, all parents should watch their kids’ activity when they play with this product. It weighs about 30 pounds, so it is very stable when it is placed on the ground. This inflatable toy is not going to be affected by strong winds, so you don’t have to worry about that. This is also made from safe materials, so all kids can use it without any problems.

3. Beautiful design

Many people love the design of this beautiful item. II comes in an attractive blue color with some wave patterns, as you can also see from the pictures in this review. Its bright color is very attractive for many children, and after some tests it’s been decided that most children love the bright colors that are displayed by the Intex 57469EP slide.

Intex 57469EP Surf 'N Slide Img 54. Surf riders

This slide includes 2 surf riders with heavy duty handles that can be used by the kids to slide on. It’s not necessary to use them with the slide but it can be fun and it provides a nice variation.

<<<See full specifications on here.>>>

4. Comfortable landing mat

This is another feature that is important for all users. It comes with a comfortable landing mat underneath it. This landing mat is specially designed to prevent all children from being injured and it is designed from high quality materials that are soft and safe for all children.

5. Repair patch

Intex, the manufacturer of this ride also offers a repair patch for each purchased slide. This patch is very useful to fix any damages that may occur in this inflatable item. If something were to happen and you find a hole in the slide, if it’s not too big you have all the chances that you can repair it using the repair patch kit. For more instructions on how to repair a leak/hole check out our article here.


Intex 57469EP Surf 'N Slide Img 61. Easy to use – Many people choose this particular product because of this exact benefit. It is very easy to install this slide in your garden. People can simply use an air compressor for blowing the air into this slide. The package does not come with one though, so you will have to have one at hand if you want to inflate it fast. Be a little careful when inflating it with an air compressor so you don’t over-do it and blow it up, that would be hard to patch 🙂

2. Affordable family toy – It is an affordable gift for most people. Many customers are happy with this item because it is sold at a very affordable price. When people buy this from online stores, they can get some additional discounts although the normal price is not that high. Some online stores may offer a free shipping option for all customers.

3. Durable – This is another benefit that people can get from this item. It is a very durable unit that can last for a long time. Many people bought this toy because of this feature. This slide is made from durable materials that are safe for all kids. People report using this slide for several years before finally breaking down. The included repair patch is also useful and adds to the life of the slide.

4. Garden Hose usable– you can attach garden hoses to it so it sprinkles water on the surface which makes it wet and slippery.


Intex 57469EP Surf 'N Slide Img 21. Only holds up to 176 pounds – A drawback of the Intex 57469EP water slide. Some people are not satisfied with this unit because of this limitation. This product can only hold up to 176 pounds. It means that adults cannot enjoy this inflatable unit with their kids. It is only suitable for about 3 – 5 children because of this, and it’s recommended for  kids 3 months to 6-7 years. In case you have set your eyes on this one but don’t want to get it due to this drawback you should know that some people suggest that the company is developing a new product with a higher weight limit than this version.

2. Cannot be used with a pool – As you can also see from the images, this slide cannot be used with your own pool as it already has a little pool of it’s own, so it’s a stand-alone product and not suitable to use with anything else

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Product Performance

Intex 57469EP Surf 'N Slide Img 3This product is really fun for children up to the age of 6-7 years old. Older kids might still find it fun, but they will generally get bored pretty quick.  It can hold up to 5 kids with a maximum total weight limit of 176 pounds. It can last for long periods of time when it is used properly, therefore people need to read the instruction manual very carefully if they want to use it for several years.  Kids can use a garden hose to wet the surface of this slide before playing on top of it, however it’s not always necessary and it can be used without water with no problems.

Summary Remarks

The Intex 57469EP Surf ‘N Slide inflatable water slide is one of the best items for small children under the age of 7 to have fun in a hot summer day. It’s price is really affordable so you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to have your kids entertained in the summer days. It is suitable for all kids looking for high quality, fun and a durable and attractive toy.

In case you want do see how this slide compares to all the others, you can check our complete water slides comparison chart here !

Still not convinced? See what other people are saying about it :

My 5 year old boys loves it, I think it’s really durable. Only slight problem that I see is that the slide area is a little too short, so it probably won’t be as much fun for older kids.

OMG, this really was the best piece of entertainment we could have got for a bunch of 5 year olds !!! The kids didn’t want to leave it for anything, not even for the cake:)

We had up to 4 kids at the same time playing on this slide. The only thing that I don’t like is that you have to manually blow it up with an air pump which can take a while. On the other hand I like the fact there are no electrical wires near the water so the kids are safer.

This slide kept a 5 year old and twin 2 year olds happy all day! Because the price was quite reasonable (ie. cheap) for a water slide like this, I did not expect it to be as durable as it is – plus the children loved it! I have recommended it to anyone who will listen!

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